This page was designed to answer some of the questions we frequently hear from potential patients and /or their family and loved ones.   If your question does not appear on this list, please contact us by telephone at 765-662-0491, Toll Free at 855-836-0135 or via the “Contact Us” link above. 

Frequently Asked Questions

How can I be assured the care providers who enter my home are safe?

All employees are required to produce a photo ID.   All employees undergo background checks before being hired.  A criminal background check is completed.  Their driving record is reviewed, their drivers license is checked to be sure it is valid,as well as their car insurance. 

Licensed personnel also have their licensure status checked at the Indiana Board of Professional Licensing.

Annually each patient care provider is required to be assessed for tuberculosis, either by skin testing or other means if they cannot receive the tuberculin injection.

Glossary of Terms