Telehealth Monitoring

Honeywell Telemonitor

This specialized equipment allows for daily monitoring of patients who need close monitoring but not daily visits by caregivers. By catching physical changes early, we can help keep you comfortably at home, avoiding emergency room visits.

Patients are prompted, either by writing on the screen or a voice, how to load their findings onto the monitor. Their information is then sent, either by phoneline or wirelessly, to a central monitor. If the results show something out of the ordinary, or if the patient does not submit the data, a PHHC nurse is alerted and can make the appropriate intervention.

This daily monitoring offers a sense of security for the patient and their family as well as allowing the patient to take an active role in in their health. The patient’s physician can also review the data that is submitted daily, allowing the doctor to stay up-to-date with the patient’s condition.